Post-Jam Enhancements

Near the end of the game jam, we had to drop some of our initial ideas as we could not implement them in time. Spiced up with some well-conceiled bugs, it was a typical game jame result after all.

As most bugs were quite minor, I decided to fix them in a small update. Additionally, we were sad not being able to present one of the core features of Judgement Monday at the jam: A review of the selected punishments in comparison to the global average by other players and a real-world sentences (taken from Austrian law) for the confessed crimes. Additionally, I included a character selection screen to allow playing all the stories without having to rely on the randomness of story selection.


  • Some UI bugs (Clickable buttons, post processing)
  • UI Styling for all (relevant) menus.
  • Pausing the game now actually works.


  • Fitted the virtual screen into the computer screen by deforming it. (I just wanted to play around with dynamically stretching sprites and images :) ).
  • Punishment Reviews
  • Character Selection.

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