Judgement Monday

You are the devil going about your daily duties punishing new arrivals in hell. One by one the poor souls arrive at your devilish desk and plead their case. Now you have to decide their fate: choose how they should be punished from this month's torture list. Choose wisely - your decision is for eternity.

There are a total of 10 sinners to be judged, more than you will see in a single playthrough. So be sure to do your job and play multiple rounds.

Fabian Schober
Daniela Meinhardt
Andreas Leibetseder
Stephanie Kühnl
Daniela Stefanics
Stefan Hohnwald
Christof Karisch
Alexander Kopper
Reza Ebrahimi 
Peter Hafele

Development log


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Interestinggame. The black humor worked there very well. Congratulations on your game.


subtitles woudla been great 


The subtitles are the text on the screen. It may be a bit hard to read if you're not in fullscreen though. :)

im still not seeing them 

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wtf ahahah so funny game