Explore the village and collect clues. Use [c] to open your diary where you need to reconstruct the story using the clues you found. Keep track of the context in which you found them, as this is crucial information.


Enjoy the dark atmosphere in our recreation of mysterious happenings at a chalet village in the mountains where the famous Hüttenjam should have taken place.

After being stuck in the snow with your car, you arrived late in the day in the chalet village, only to find out that you are alone. Everyone's gone, everything's quiet. You have limited time to find out what happened here before the bitter cold claims you.

Find all clues and reconstruct the story of the Echoes of the Hüttenjam.

Jam Team:

  • Andreas Leibetseder
  • Christoph Karisch
  • Daniela Meinhardt
  • Fabian Schober
  • Guido Prodnik

Music by

  • Peter Hafele
  • Stefan Putzinger


  • 15.04.2023: Initial Jam Version
  • 17.04.2023: Post-Jam Version:
    • Bug Fixes
    • Added options for disabling head bobbing and freezing timer
    • Added diary key hint
    • (Re-)added clue spotlights
    • Added clue tooltips


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were download i wanted to play it

I am not sure if I want to attend the next Hüttenjam anymore..

neat game, very atmospheric!

To help anyone stuck, you can actually scroll down in your diary! Also I loved the game.

Good game

I couldn't reconstruct the story


Cool game but the timer is unnecessary if the found clues carry over to each playthrough but the biggest issue is the head bobbing causing nausea.


Thanks for the feedback!

The timer is remainder of a planned feature that we had to drop due to the jam's time limit: A larger, more fragmented world where you have to unlock new "Sauna Respawn Points" in order to be able to reach further. Similar to the respawn location mechanic in Minit. It quickly became obvious that the timer doesn't add anything in the current state, but we left it in for the jam version so that multiple people could play the game together on one PC and switch controls after each run.

I just uploaded an updated version that includes settings for disabling the timer and head bobbing and also introduces some hints in the form of diary reminders, spotlights and tooltips for clues.