#hüttenjam, topic: "Can't see the wood for the trees"

You play as powerful Ricardo. Others think you simply want to be photographed. But you know that you just NEED to make the smombies enjoy the view, not their photos. And if that means you have to spoil enhance their photos with your godlike body, so be it.

Optimized to be played in FullHD/Fullscreen.


  • Left/Right arrow keys
  • Space for Jump
  • Hold Ctrl for ... well, you'll see.

Special thanks to:

  • Ricardo Milos, for inspiration
  • Die Woodys, for their "Fichtl's Lied" song


WoodYouMind_1.0.1_Windows.zip 22 MB
WoodYouMind_1.0.1_Linux.zip 26 MB


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Dieses Spiel sieht ja herrlich geil aus, werde ich auf jedenfall spielen