Your fire is the last source of light in these haunted woods. But They have noticed you. How long will you last until you perish?

Fend Them off by using your torch and don't let them consume your fire. Switch characters/positions by clicking. But don't forget to rekindle your diminishing torch.

Made for TriJam 143 in ~3h, plus some additional hours of planning and organization. Some old code snippets were used in creation, but all art, sounds and music have been made during the jam!

This was the first TriJam for all of us! While it was really stressful at times, we also had lots of fun! :)

Anja Ressman (Art)
Fabian Schober (Concept & Code)
Franz Josef Huber (Concept & Game Design)
Peter Hafele (Audio)

Rated 2.0 out of 5 stars
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AuthorsKruemelkatze, fJamHub
Tags2D, Dark, darkness, fire, Flight, Tentacles, Trijam


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Good Idea.